Offline Developer Tools DevGear Removes Need to Use Potentially Risky Websites for Every Day Tasks

The full and free download forever lite version of DevGear are available now. Users of the offline developer utilities couldn’t be happier.

It’s hardly a secret that online options for developer tools can come along with risks. Fortunately, a reliable and efficient solution is available. Enter DevGear, a set of offline developer tools that cover a long list of developer needs while removing the reliance on random websites that require submitting company data that can lead to potential headaches.  The offline developer utilities save users valuable time while delivering quality results. A free lite version of DevGear is available as a quick download.

“We saw the need for offline developer tools that can be relied on and knew we could answer the call,” commented a spokesperson from DevGear. “We look forward to continuing to exceed even the highest expectations of our users.”

According to DevGear, the offline developer utilities includes well designed and efficient DIFF Tools, a JWT Decoder, JSON Tools, XML Tools, a Web Editor, Password Tool, Network Tool, Text Tools, Base64 Tools, and URL Tools.

The company updates its developer tools frequently, with new features based on user feedback and suggestions.

Reviews for DevGear have been extremely positive across the board.

Chris S., from Boston, recently said in a five-star review, “We ran into a few issues using online developer tool websites and knew we needed a more secure solution. A colleague recommended DevGear. We are glad they did. DevGear offline developer tools have proven to be extremely efficient and covers all of our needs. A great set of utilities. We can’t see a reason to use anything else.”

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