DevGear – An essential Software Solution for Developers

DevGear – An essential Software Solution for Developers

There are many ways to handle the process of developing a website or software solution, but the one thing that never changes is the need to be efficient.

A hectic way of life requires reliable solutions

Developers need to be doing as much as they can to ensure that they are productive and efficient. Not only that, but it is their duty to protect the sensitive data that they handle when they develop software and websites.

Saving time and producing quality:

Nothing is more relevant for success in any field or industry than saving time and producing quality results. Finding the best way to do this will prove to be of paramount importance for any venture.

Being able to compare, format, validate and encode efficiently is going to be a major factor that will determine any project outcome. With DevGear, you are getting a solution that allows you to avoid the use of online tools that compromise your company data.

This offline tool offers everything you need in order to boost your development process without any risks or hassles. The best part is that you can start using it today free of charge.

DevGear includes:

  • DIFF Tools

  • JWT Decoder

  •          JSON Tools

  •          XML Tools

  •        Web Editor

  •          Password Tool

  •       Network Tool

  •           Text Tools

  •           Base64 Tools

  •          URL Tools 

DIFF Tools:

Being able to compare text and find differences in JSON, Code and XML is going to prove to be extremely important. This tool allows you to get side-by-side comparisons that immediately highlight the difference.

JWT Decoder: 

Stop cringing everytime you paste your JWT token on public websites for decoding! DevGear supports decoding of most common JWT tokens locally on your computer!

JSON Tools:

This tool allows you to format JSON to ensure that it looks properly structured and is easy to read. Validating the exact location and reason for any invalid JSON is also a breeze. It can also reduce the JSON size for bandwidth saving purposes and you can convert it to XML.

XML Tools:

Formatting XML for optimal readability and validating invalid XML can be time consuming, but this tool makes it quite simple. Reducing the size of your XML and converting it to JSON to share it is an effortless process.

Quick Web Editor:

Instantly mockup HTML designs! Full set of features – supports adding external CSS & Javascript libraries like JQuery, Bootstrap etc. Super fast web design playground running securely on your computer.

Network Tools:

Quickly check if your computer can connect to another computer/server on a given port. Get External IP address and list of all local IPs.

Password Tool:

Being able to check the strength of your passwords is essential and generating something that is very difficult to figure out for hackers is going to add an extra layer of safety to your development projects.

Text Tools:

Text can become quite a complex thing to handle in any development project and you want to make sure that word counts are calculated and lower/uppercase content is properly determined. This tool allows you to do everything with ease and it supercharges your productivity.

Base 64 Tools:

Being able to encode any regular strings to BASE64 strings is going to prove to be essential to speed up your development process. You can also decode base64 strings without any substantial efforts.

URL Tools:

There are charades that need to be converted to specific formats for internet transmission and the URL tool allows you to effortlessly encode and decode strings.

Final thoughts:

Being able to save time and avoid unnecessary setbacks with project deadlines is crucial for any development team. The more you learn how to handle difficult projects and save time, the more efficient your projects will be and the outcome will be of the highest possible quality.


DevGear is giving you the option of a free lite version to download right now and start simplifying your development process: