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Why use DevGear?

To put it simply, you don’t want to put your product/company’s data at risk by using online tools.¬†

Use DevGear which computes all the above features Offline on your device.

Diff Compare text files

DIFF Tools

  • Quick Text Compare

    Compare text to find the difference between two text, JSON, Code, XML files.

  • Side-by-side Comparison

    Paste texts to compare in the two textboxes and see the highlighted differences.


  • Format

    Beautify JSON/XML/YAML to make it look pretty and readable.

  • Validate

    Find exact location and reason for invalid json/xml.

  • Minify

    Reduce size of your json to save bandwidth and performance.


    Convert your Json to XML and vice-versa for sharing with other projects.

Format Validate Json
JWT Json Web Tokens

JWT Decoder

  • Secure

    Stop decoding your JWT tokens on public website! Decode it safely on your computer.

  • Algorithms

    Supports all popular JWT token algorithms like HS256, HS384, HS512, RS256, RS384, RS512, ES256, ES384, ES512, PS256, PS384, etc.

  • Detailed Decode

    Unlike other tools, see complete detailed decoded value of the JWT token.

Encoding/Decoding Tools

  • Encode Base64

    Encode regular strings to BASE64 strings.

  • Decode Bas64

    Decode BASE-64 strings.

  • Encode URL

    Convert characters into a format that can be transmitted over the Internet.

  • Decode URL

    Decode encoded strings.

Base64 Encode Decode

Quick Web Editor

  • Instantly mockup HTML designs!
  • Full set of features - supports adding external CSS & Javascript libraries like JQuery, Bootstrap etc
  • Super fast web design playground running securely on your computer.

Network Tool

  • Quickly check if your computer can connect to another computer/server on a given port.

  • Get External IP address and list of all local IPs.

Text String

TEXT Tools

  • Calculate length, words, sentences etc.
  • Convert to Upper Case.
  • Convert to Lower Case.
  • Capitalize text.

Password Tool

  • Generate strong random

  • Check strength of your

Password generator
Concentration Focus Music

Focus Music

  • Curated Music to help focus while coding and relaxation in the following genre:
  • Focus Music
  • EDM
  • Relaxing Music
  • Meditation
  • Inspirational
  • Ambience

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This is just the beginning with many new features planned in future releases.

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